Creche, Nursery, Primary & Seconday School.

Gallilee College is furnished with almost everything possible to make physical, mental, social and spiritual learning easier and fun-filled. It is a conducive environment having adequate number of class-rooms, Laboratories and a well-equipped library.

Our facilities include among others includes:

  • Experienced and dedicated graduate teachers with teaching qualifications
  • A spacious library with up-to-date books
  • A conducive atmosphere for effective learning
  • Spacious classrooms, well lit and well ventilated
  • Well-furnished computer room and internet facilities
  • Health care services.
  • A modern art studio.
  • Practical science – Home Economics room
  • Large sports ground with spectators pavilion
  • A well-equipped playground for the nursery and Primary.
  • Well grassed Football field.
  • A well-equipped music lab and studio.
  • Professional guidance and counseling services.
  • Tuck shop.
  • School bus.
  • Swimming pool.
  • Poultry: Peacocks, Geese, Ostriches, Ducks.
  • Local hut for relaxation.
  • Safe water and constant electricity supply.



Located in a serene and secure environment within a gated community, the hostel is equipped with modern facilities to provide a ‘home away from home’ experience.



First aid treatment is administered in case of minor injuries or accidents during the school hours. More serious cases are referred to the school doctor nearby.



Open days are meant for inquiries into pupils performances, any other inquiry can only be made during the week before and after classes. No visits are allowed during school hours.



Galilee College encourages a close interaction between parents and teachers. That is why there is a vibrant Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). The PTA has a working constitution. Elections are held once a year at the beginning of a session. All levies are paid through PTA account opened for the purpose.

PTA meetings are held once a term. Such meetings serve as a forum for parents and guardians to reach an understanding on issues of mutual benefit to the children and the school. Apart from these meetings, open days are observed once a term to enable parents discuss their children’s progress in the school.


A brief enunciation of parent’s responsibility to the school is:

* Fees should be paid and receipt obtainable before the beginning of each term.
* Pupils are expected to be appropriately and neatly dressed at all times.
* Pupils are expected to be punctual – they should arrive in school not later than 7.50 a.m. School activities start at 8.00 a.m. (Monday to Friday).
* Circulars issued by the school should be carefully studied and positively responded to.
* Parents are requested to attend ceremonies such as concerts, sports and prize giving days etc… to cheer on their children.
* Parents are required to attend the open days in the interest of their children.
* Please note that only parents and guardians (not their representatives) are allowed to come. They are also the only ones permitted to collect their children/wards’ report booklets.



Parents are allowed to bring biscuits, sweets, cakes and drinks for their children to share with friends on their birthday.

Chewing gum and cooked food are not allowed. All items must be brought in to the school office before break period.



Galilee College publishes a yearbook at the end of every session. It features the achievements and creativity of the learners throughout the session. Even though supplements are provided by their teachers, the pupils are the souls of the publications. The publications show the pupils’ experiences of the Galilee culture with words and pictures.



There are also regular correspondence between the school and the home in the form of circulars, memos and the pupil’s communication books.


Pupil’s parents/guardians are expected to monitor them to ensure that they do their daily homework. The school time-table is given to pupils to help parents ensure that the relevant textbooks are brought to school on the day the subjects are taught.

Long term and short term projects are given to the children. These are meant to excite their creativity and encourage research. Parents are enjoined to give every support.