Creche, Nursery, Primary & Seconday School.

Galilee College is a conglomerate of schools providing quality, sound and high standard education for secondary school students drawn from the length and breadth of Nigeria, but with facilities situated in Abuja, FCT.

What started as a mere seed has since blossomed into a huge oak tree. The school, founded on the cherished principles of love, discipline and fear of God, indeed increased in population of pupils and students tremendously and this consequently demanded for expansion and development of additional infrastructure.


To provide a conducive learning environment and emplace right staff that would offer an excellent education for tomorrow’s task.


To provide qualitative education today for tomorrow.


We have set high standards for ourselves and our pupils. Our goal, simply put, is a child-centered education for the realization of maximum self-discovery and development in life, through personal attention to each child. This is carried out through the three basic sectors of learning: cognitive, affective and psychomotor.

We believe that as a result of their active participation in school programmes as well as close monitoring and guidance by staff, pupils should

  • Reflect evidence of adaptation to the school environment,
  • Show their readiness through academic performance,
  • Adequately prepare for admission into secondary schools,
  • Utilize every opportunity for full development of their potentials.


There is a core of professionally trained and well-equipped teaching and non-teaching staff. They bring with them a wealth of experience to their various disciplines. Therefore they are able to contribute effectively to the moulding of the child’s character towards a successful life.

A very high premium is placed on staff recruitment and training. The rigorous recruitment process coupled with staff dedication all add up to enhance a better performance of pupils.

In addition, there is a pool of professionally experienced counsellors. Where a problem is observed the guidance counsellor swings into action. Where necessary parents are contacted with a view to solving such a problem.

In-service training of staff is done with a view to updating the knowledge and skills of the staff. Members of staff also belong to various subjects and other professional associations.


Galilee believes in the basic dignity of the human self. Therefore we do not discriminate against any ideology or religion. We welcome all. However, our only demand is that individual recognize that there are other beliefs and creeds other than their own and respect them. Mutual respect breeds cooperation and advancement.
Galilee College has remained focused in the pursuit of its vision – that of availing children from diverse cultural backgrounds with world-class basic education in a challenging and stimulating environment. The consistent and continuous improvement over the years has earned our schools the well-deserved reputation as Nigeria’s leading private institution, fully equipped with the latest technology in teaching and learning and able to provide all-embracing education that is of 21st-century standard. We are passionate about safety and seek always to make our school a hurt-free place. We believe we have a responsibility to provide a safe and secure environment for our staff, students and pupils.

Finally, ours is a big caring family with each teaching and non-teaching staff assuming the role of a parent, providing the children with love and joining the management in promoting moral and ethical values. No half measures ever take anyone to the pinnacle of success. We live in an increasingly competitive world where the best choices are reserved for the brightest and best. Yet, as the saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first right step. That right step for today’s child is being given the best possible education and training as a springboard to a future of distinction.