admissionAll children to be admitted shall have their application forms completed by their parents/guardians. The selection process depends largely on scores obtainable from IQ tests and other type of tests and interviews administered by the school. Offer of admission is however on a first come first served basis. Online application is now possible. Necessary fees will still be required as well as other admission formalities.

Application forms and prospectuses are obtainable from the school office on payment of the application fee. Parents are advised to fill the application forms correctly. This is to ensure that proper record of information about the applicant is obtained. Those who pass the tests and interviews consequently get an offer of admission and are usually required to pay an admission fee.


The school provides uniform for pupils. Children must come to school, neatly dressed in clean uniforms, white socks and black shoes (not patent leather) or clean PE uniforms, white socks and canvas shoes.

The school uniform is obtainable in the school store.

Girls should have their hair neatly braided or plaited. Only moderate adornments for the hair that match the school uniform are allowed (yellow and green). However hair extensions of any sort are not permitted.


Details of fees and levies can be obtained from the account department of the school.

All fees and charges are paid through bank drafts. The fees for each term should be paid on or before the first day of the term. A considerable period of notice is usually given before there is an increase in fees which is subject to review from time to time.


We believe that good behavior is essential if children are to learn well, make good progress and make the most of the opportunities we can offer. We also believe that children should know right from wrong and that good behavior once established is likely to last a lifetime. Therefore appropriate corrective measures can administered as the school deems fit in cases of wrongdoing.


A full term’s notice in written should be given to the school in the situation of plans to withdraw any student from the school. Non-compliance with this will warrant the payment of a full term’s fees in lieu of notice. School leaving or transfer certificate will be issued on the condition that:

  • The student has attended the school for at least one year.
  • All fees in respect of the child have been paid.
  • Due notice of the withdrawal has been given or appropriate fees paid in lieu of notice.
  • As stipulated reservation fee is payable if a pupil has a genuine reason for been absent for a period of one term.
  • No refund of fees shall be made by the school if a child is suspended or advised to withdraw.

Please note that once a pupil has commenced a term, fees for that term cannot be refunded.